Sqotchio, textile design and colour specialists creating unique scarfs

Sqotchio was established in 2016. The brand began as an idea borne of utilising a vast collection of vintage Italian and French printed and woven fabrics – mixing silks, velvets and lightweight wools together using cut-and-sew technique to create patterns both intricate and visually stimulating.

The fabric and colours dictate and allow the designs to develop and speak for themselves – “it’s a natural, gut instinct”

at the end of the day whether an idea should work or not doesn’t matter all will be used in some manner at some time. The imperfection that makes perfect the product. Each scarf is worked like a unique piece.


Sqotchio Special Edition

Our first collaborative artist contributing to our Special Edition for Sqotchio Collection. Her name is Ngoc Minh Ngo, a New York based photographer specialising in Gardens, Interiors, Food and Still-Life.